Is there a way to add time on multiple day?


I try to add more time to the same issue but spread over several days.

For example, if I am working 5 days on an issue, I want to make “add work 5d ” and spread the work every day.

Is there a way to do this (add multiple dates or something)?


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Hello, thank you for your question!


You can log work items for any date you need, you just need to specify the date in your command, for example: `add work Development 2020-07-31 5h` or `add work 2020-07-31 5h`.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to add work for several days at once, you need to run several commands in this case.


You can also specify the date for the work item if you use the "Add spent time" button instead of a command.


Here you can find the descriptions of different ways of logging spent time: 

Here you can find the reference for adding spent time via commands:


I hope this helps! Feel free to ask if you have any further questions.



Thanks for the reply.

I have 3 questions :

1/ Is there a way to combine multiple command (ex : add work 2020-07-31 4h && add work 2020-08-01 4h)?

2/ Is there a way to create custom command (to manage this problem)?

3/ Is it something Youtrack has plan improve in the future?





Hello! Unfortunately, it's not possible to add several work items with one command, and we don't have any plans to add this functionality in the nearest future.

The only thing I can suggest here is to create some custom workflow action rules that will allow you to add work items via a special button in the issue toolbar.

More about YouTrack workflows in general:

More about action rules:

Let me know if you have any further questions, I'll be happy to answer.




Thanks for your time!


I don't see anything on the action rule to get some parameter. It' not allowed for custom workflow?




Unfortunately, at the moment, it's not possible to have parameters in the action rules. Please feel free to vote and comment this feature request in our tracker to be notified of the updates:


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