I have a problem with the import from CSV to Youtrack - import "Links"

I´m going to explain the problem that I have.

According to the documentation, if I want to import Links from my CSV, I should add one more column, which would be called links and the format should be: “LINK_TYPE_1,1,2”.

Given the case that, I want to import a project incident "PPIT-104" which I would like to be a subtask of an existing one "PPIT-101".

I Add the additional column called Links in my csv, this action I show you in the next image:

And my mapping it is the following:

So my query is the following:

1.- What is the correct format for Links? To test, I put the following: Subtask, PPIT-101, PPIT-104. Is that the correct one or please give me the correct format?

2.- Is it correct to put in the mapping: "Links": "Links"?

thank you, I hope you can help me

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I have responded in the corresponding support ticket you've created.

For further reference, "Links" shouldn't be put in the mapping file as it may confuse the script. Also, delimiters should be set accurately. 

An example of my mapping file:

"__help__": "For instructions, see: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/youtrack/standalone/Import-from-CSV-File.html#build-mapping-file",
"csv_field_delimiter": ",",
"csv_value_delimiter": ";",
"date_format_string": "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S",
"field_names": {
"Project ID": "project_id",
"Project": "project_name",
"Issue Id": "numberInProject",
"Summary": "summary",
"Created": "created",
"Reporter": "reporterName"
"field_types": {
"use_markdown": "no"


An example of my CSV file to check the import:

"Issue Id","Project ID","Project","Summary","Reporter","Created","Links"
"SP-2019","SP","Scrum Project","one","root","2017-10-20 21:00:00","Relates,SP-2020"
"SP-2020","SP","Scrum Project","two","root","2017-10-20 21:00:00","Subtask,SP-2019"

If you face any problems, please don't hesitate to ask. 

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