Testers wanted: Youtrack Timer Chrome extension

Hi everybody,

i was annoyed by the lack of a timer in youtrack. The simple start/stop timer script in youtrack's workflows works, but it is a little annoying, since you can have multiple timers running and it is hard to remember which timer is running where. Also third party time trackers such as toggle have a integration with youtrack, but they do not add work items in youtrack.

I have created a simple browser extension which acts as a timer. It automatically detects if you have an issue open in your browser. If you stop the timer, a workitem is added to the issue in youtrack.

The extension is not fully finished, the basic features work but usability may be lacking at some points:

  • To generate the required API Token go to you Profile. On the very top go to your Hub account. Here you can generate a token in the authentication section. Only the Youtrack permission is required. 
  • The Workitem type must match exactly, otherwise saving won't work.


If you are interested in testing the extension it is available here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/youtime-a-youtrack-timer/aophgleohlolehodpabbddkfiiibecbj?hl=en&authuser=0 


If you need help, of have any feedback, i would be happy if you contact me at p.reitter <at> gmail.com


best regards,


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That's cool. Thanks for creating this extension. I'm sure it will be useful for some Youtrack users. 


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