Can Youtrack do that?

I was wondering how to achieve following in Youtrack:

A Problem: Editing backlog search, does update general saved search as well..which i don't want

Question: How do i keep separate saved searches for (a) issues overview and (b) backlog search?.. because i have totally different approach to filter issues in backlog, than filtering in issues overview

B Problem: Saved searches over 6 projects results in a huge saved searches list

Question: Can saved searches be configured to show as 'per project' basis?

C Problem: scrolling down in backlog view (on huge issues list) does hide the search chosen and if want to change the search, i have to scroll up again

Question: can it be configured, so that search selection stays fixed while scrolling?

D Problem: why is backlog search not same as in issues, filtering per tag? and why do tags not show in backlog issues? This is annoying, as it will be necessary to edit the saved search, and result in problematic A above

E Problem EPICS: seem to be handled as issues in Youtrack, which then again results in big saved searches, to have stories etc be displayed by their EPIC parent, which makes a granular overview of the project being a real mess, as the list of saved searches grows endless.

F Question: How can i have a overview of tasks in sprints without having to navigate to the board and from there switching between sprints via drop down?

I understood that i already can do a ... search


As i see almost every action in Youtrack is based on...a saved search?

Then, i would love to see that one better organized

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Thank you for your questions and feedback. Sorry for the delayed answer. You may create a request to our support to receive answers faster.

Let me answer your questions one by one:

A) Backlog and issues search are basically the same. It is not yet possible to group searches for backlog and issues separately, but we have a feature request to group saved searches into folders: Please feel free to vote for it to increase its priority and to receive the notification when it is updated.

B) There is no such functionality in YouTrack at the moment, but the mentioned feature request applies to this as well.

C) I have created a request to add the ability to pin the search bar on the top of the screen, please vote for it here:

D) Indeed, backlog and issues views are different, and tags are not shown for backlog issues. We have a request about it:

E) Epics are considered as issues, yes. Again, the ability to group searches will help manage saved searches per epic.

F) You can use an issue search like this: `Board <Board_name>: {Current Sprint}`. The `Current sprint` may be replaced by any other sprint name of the board. Refer to the following documentation section.

I hope this information was helpful.


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