Several questions about "Due Date" widget work

Hi all,

Sorry for my bad English. I have several questions about "Due Date" widget work.

  1. How to create a task that will be shown in widget automatically? At current moment task didn't show in widget until user was relogin.
  2. Somebody create issue into "Due Date" and tag some other users. How to highlight (other color or something else) that issues inside the widget where users was tagged? Other issues in this case displayies as usually.

    For example below, two issues highlighted by blue color
  3. I'm added 2 field to issue: "from" and "to". How to make when cursor of mouse moving over on the task shown these fields with values?

    For example:
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1) Could you please elaborate a bit on that? How do you create tasks at the moment? Does the user indeed need to relogin to see the task in the widget? Or does this user need to refresh the dashboard/widget?

Normally, you only need to refresh the widget to see the new tasks there.

2) Currently, it's only possible to color issues based on a custom field (you can change this field in the widget settings). You can create a custom workflow that would assign a particular value of a special custom field to those issues where users are tagged, then you'll be able to select that custom field for coloring your widget.

3) Only those fields that have a color assigned to them are displayed when you hover over an issue with the mouse. If you want to display some more fields there, you need to add some color values to the values of these fields.


I hope this is helpful, please let me know if you have any further questions, I'll be happy to help. If needed, you can also ask in Russian, our support speaks both English and Russian.

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