Is it possible to set swimlanes by date in Agile-dashboards?

There is an idea from our team lead, that it would be cool to set swimlanes due to the date in Agile dashboards.

For example: To take 2 weeks period and divide all tasks we have by swimlanes that are set according to dates.
Then to move tasks by hand under a suitable date (date when we plan to do such task)
Is it possible?

I know that we can set swimlanes due to the terms of the task. But the field "Term"/due date is not filled in in our tasks.

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I have already answered you in the scope of the ticket, but just in case, I will duplicate my answer here:

1) Make sure that the Due Date field is added to the needed project.

2) Select the following swimlanes settings for agile board: Board settings > Columns and Swimlanes > Swimlanes are identified by Values from field Due Date.
Even if Due Date is empty, the issue will be shown in Uncategorized swimlane, and it would be possible to move it to the needed swimlane.

Check out our Due Date Calendar widget as well. It does not allow drag-and-dropping the issues, but it may be convenient to see all issues shown on a calendar.


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