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Hi there,

Testing YouTrack as an alternative solution to Jira Service Desk.

On the jetbrains site it mentions that Youtrack can be used as a service desk: and by other departments. From my testing it seems that the UI is the same for all users.

If it's to be considered as a Service Desk I would have expected a simpler UI for those non-technical who don't know what Agile is or don't have experience using Project Management Tools.

When we started using JSD quite a few years we had the same issue and we got over it by using an add-on that had a simpler UI for users. Is there anything like this for YouTrack?

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I'm Sergey from the Youtrack team.

As of now, we are indeed actively working on a new option for the Youtrack interface, which is going to present Youtrack in a simplified manner. We hope to have it released this year, so please stay tuned!

I suggest following our blog at as we are definitely going to make a blog post update once it's released.

If any questions appear, feel free to ask.

Hi Sergey, that sounds very very interesting! I'll be sure to follow the blog. If you need any beta testers I'm up for that.


Hi Jetbrains,

I've been studying YouTrack and the task server for a week and I'm still not understanding what it does, how to setup TODO, or FIXME tags as they are the most basic and most fundamental aspect of task management. What I'm seeing is 'integrate this server to your complicated setup that we can't simply explain'?

There are requests for features that seem so trivial and simple yet they are 9 years old, what does YouTrack actually do.

This webpage has many links that are dead now as they were years ago, they have no video and I can't find a simple single video that explains what YouTrack does or how to integrate it with a small to a midsize student project.


Hello Andrew,

Check the YouTrack essentials demo video, it shows different aspects of YouTrack. We also have a video made for YouTrack administrators here. I hope they help you get familiar with YouTrack!

As for the tags: please refer to the following documentation section to learn how to work with issue tags.



Hello Alisa Alisa Kasyanova,

So the YouTrack essentials demo video, is nice if I was building an agile conference, with users who need to register, create a knowledge base or to have a place to save 'documents for summer gatherings.

I'm watching the other videos you linked and will let you know.

The second video is more helpful but the audio is quite garbled so it was hard to hear them.

I keep googling for help and this site is like a rash everywhere... but your company hasn't updated it since 2014. Can you fix the links or ata least maintain this so we can get bug tracking help?


Hello Andrew,

Thank you for bringing our attention to it, we will deal with the mentioned link.


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