Have specific fileds filled in in a certain agile board


In Youtrack (2019.1) I have a special board for tasks I have as a manager, which sometimes I want limited visibliity for.

Therefore I usually work with setting the "Visible to:" property to only myself, for the tasks I have in this board (I am, and shall be the only reader of these tasks).


Is there a way that the "Visible to:" property is automatically set to "Me" when I create issues in this specific board (by clicking the + in the column)?



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Sorry for the delayed answer. You may create a request to our support to receive answers faster.

It is possible to use workflows to limit the visibility of the issues created on the board. The workflow logic should be as follows: check that the issue is reported with issue.becomesReported and that this issue is on some particular board, and after that change its visibility.

I hope this information helps.


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