Using ES6 features in workflow (in particular const and let)


What ES6 features can be used in code in a workflow? Is using const and let supported fox example?

Official comment

Hello Elizaveta, thank you for your question. Our current JavaScript implementation is based on GraalVM JavaScript. One of the stated goals of this project is to be fully compatible with the latest ECMAScript specification.

Namely, const and let operators are already supported. If you have questions about other elements, please refer to the GraalVM documentation.

Let us know if you have any further questions, we'll be happy to help.

Thanks for your response!


We are actively using ES6 in our workflows - it's only the built-in editor that is somehow not up to date and highlights everything as errors - very confusing.


Yuri, thanks for your feedback! In the latest YouTrack versions, we've enhanced our web editor, so now it shouldn't highlight ES6 elements as errors anymore. Please feel free to check again once your InCloud YouTrack instance is upgraded to version 2021.1, and let us know if anything is still highlighted.


Awesome, thanks for fixing this - we'll test it once the new version is rolled out - for now we are developing our workflows in IDEA.


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