Can I configure YouTrack to create groups automatically from AD/LDAP?

I'm currently evaluating YouTrack. One thing I'm missing is an option to automatically create user groups from LDAP instead of creating a group manually and mapping it to an LDAP group. The issue JPS-2212 suggest that this was implemented in 2018, yet I can't find an option for it anywhere.



I'm Sergey from the Youtrack team. Thank you for the post. 

As of now, there's the following group mapping available in the settings of the LDAP auth module: Do you see them in your installation? If not, please share a screenshot of what you see and your Youtrack version (bottom left corner). Thanks. 


Yes, this is the mapping I'm talking about. Do I need to manually map every single of our 2000+ AD groups one by one, or is there a way to automatically sync the groups to YouTrack?


I see now, thanks for the details. The groups are not created automatically, unfortunately. In this case, the best solution is to create a custom script via our REST API that will create the groups in Youtrack and add them to group mappings of the Auth module.

Here are the relevant endpoints:

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