How do I see only issues in Backlog saved search that trace back to a specific epic?

I have an Epic -> Story -> Task hierarchy using multi level boards, where the management board has Epics as swimlanes and Stories as cards, and multiple developer boards where Stories as swimlanes and Tasks as cards. 

I'd like to have a different backlog per Epic, so I need to see all Stories which are subtasks of the parent Epic, and all indirectly linked Tasks of those matching Stories. I tried the Tree view in the Backlog with a query like `project: <my_project> has: -{Board <my_board>}  #Unresolved -Epic Subtask of:  <epic_issue_id>` but that only shows stories, so I can't easily put Tasks onto the board. Is there a better query to use or something I am missing? Ideally, I would use multiple projects but for constraints I won't dive into at the moment, I have a bunch of unrelated Epics within a single project, so the looking at all Stories and Tasks in the backlog shows a lot of unrelated noise (issues that shouldn't ever be on a particular board).


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Hello David,

Thank you for reaching out. If I got you right, the main idea is to be able to display the whole subtree of an issue - its subtasks and subtasks of subtasks. At the moment, it is not possible (there is a workaround to mark all issues in the subtree with a tag and then display all issues with the tag but it's not a one-click action).

However, the nearest major YouTrack release will bring the functionality to query all subtasks so it will be possible to display the whole subtree in the backlog search. Please stay tuned - we are going to release it in March-April.  Feel free to subscribe to our blog to be notified about our news and releases:

Please let me know if it helps. 

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Hi Anastasia,

think so. This is pretty much the type of query I'd like to run: "Return all issues (potentially many layers nested) that ultimately link back to parent issue xyz (where xyz is probably Type: Epic) where xyz is on a specific agile board".

Does that make sense?


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Got it, thanks. I'm afraid it will not be possible to add filters for parent issues when querying children tasks (actually, you will be able to query the subtree of a particular issue only). Let me show you the preview of this feature:


As you can see, you need to specify the parent's id. As a result, you'll get all subtasks and their subtasks (as many levels as there are). 

Also, you will be able to filter the results, e.g. you can find all subtasks of a parent issue that have Type Task and don't belong to the board. Once again, it will not be possible to filter parent - you need to specify the exact parent id. 

So in your case, with the new feature the following query `project: <my_project> has: -{Board <my_board>}  #Unresolved -Epic Subtask of:  <epic_issue_id>` will return all stories and tasks that belong to the specified Epic's subtree and to my_project, that are unresolved but are not added to my_board. 

Please let me know if I am still missing anything.


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