Time-estimate and task-due date


When enabling time-tracking on a project, we get the time-estimate field on all issues, In addition, one can add the task-due date custom field.

Is there a way to link these two, so that, when the time-estimate is set, the task due-date updates automatically, based on workdays?

Also, to prevent overlapping of tasks, or to take that into account, for instance, If I set the estimate to 3d, and the max current due-date is March 20th, the task automatically sets the due-date to March 23rd.




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Please excuse me for the delayed reply. You may get in touch with the support team directly by filling in a request at https://jbs.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new to receive an answer faster.

It is possible to write a workflow that would update a due date value depending on the set estimation. You need to create an on-change rule that will detect that estimation value is set, sum it with today's date (use Date.now() function to detect the date), and save it to the due date field. Please note that it would be needed to convert the estimation value into milliseconds to add it to Date.now() result.


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