How to disable notifications generated by a specific user?

Hello all,

Is there a way to prevent any notification from being sent when a specific user updates an issue through the API? I have an account that is used to update some issues via the API and it generates a lot of a noise which I'd like to silence in my application since 1) I don't want to have every user to have to manually make a change to their notifications and 2) don't know if its possible from the user side.

Essentially, is there an equivalent for "Apply without notification" while POSTing to /api/issue/foo-1 with a payload (as opposed to using /api/commands)?

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Unfortunately, it is not possible to update a field via POST api/issues/{id} endpoint without notifications being sent, and there is no possibility to disable notifications for updates made by a specific user as well.

So I suggest asking the user to update issues using the commands endpoint and the silent attribute in order to stop sending the notifications.

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Hi Alisa,

Thanks. I've updated to use the command endpoint with silent.



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