Custom issue list settings (field display) disappear after logout

In the YouTrack Lite mode, I've set up the Issues List to include multiple custom fields so it's easy to see the full status of a full page worth of issues at ones.  This works great, however when I log out and log back in, the customized list settings disappear and I need to re-select all the field visibility.  How can I get list settings to be persistent?

When I switch off "Quick view" mode, there are three fields displayed by default (Assignee, State, and Created By).  I can add fields to the list, but again upon logout/login it reverts to just those three.  What makes those three fields special?  Again I'm looking to make my customized field list persistent.

Thanks to the community for any insight.

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Currently, it is not possible to make these settings persistent, I'm afraid. Please vote for the corresponding requests: and It will increase their priority, and you will get notified as soon as they are implemented.


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