Additional effort added to burndown chart?

I have a project setup using the SCRUM template. When I start a new sprint with all tickets given an estimate (we are using ideal days for estimation), the estimation gets copied over to the original estimate field which is all good. However, when I then go to the burndown chart I see that the blue line has gone up, and as I resolve the tickets in the sprint that additional effort never gets wiped out.

For example in this test project I have created a sprint with some dummy tickets totalling 10 days of effort. When I started the sprint, the remaining effort shown in the burndown went up from 10.0 to 12.0. I then resolved every ticket in the sprint and the line dropped by the amount shown on the ticket yet I'm still left with a 2.0 day gap.

Here is the state of the agile board:

and this is what the burndown chart shows:

Because the burndown is based on historical changes you don't see the initial upwards spike, but as you can see although all tickets are completed, the blue line doesn't go down to 0.0!

Can anyone suggest why I'm seeing this?



Have you also added a work item to any issue before starting the sprint? It looks like that the burndown increases with the sprint start due to some work item added (we have a bug about this behavior).


Hi Alisa,

Thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately no I don't have any work items on the tickets at all.

There is one user story ticket with 10 story points on it and then three Task tickets with Ideal Days set to 2, 3 and 5. For this test I didn't do anything other than create the tickets with estimates and then start the sprint and move the tickets to done.



Please excuse me for the delayed answer. You can create a request directly to our support to receive answers faster.

I have tried to reproduce the issue, but couldn't. Could you create a new test project and reproduce the same behavior once again? Please let me know the exact steps that you have used, and please also send me a screenshot of the Chart page of the board settings.


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