How to view Support Tickets in my YouTrack

I've set up YouTrack and use it now daily as part of my technology stack, but how can I track, view, or create new support tickets within YouTrack so I don't have separate software and YouTrack since they are always related.

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I'm Sergey from the YouTrack team.

When it comes to custom ticketing or overall helpdesk solutions, I can suggest the following options:

  • we have a built-in helpdesk feature. The main idea is that customers send you an email, and this email is converted as an issue/comment in your YouTrack. You can reply to your customers by posting a comment in the issue directly.

  • you can let customers sign up and create issues in your YouTrack project as you do with other users. The downside is that each user counts against a license limit. Also, we have a guest account feature that allows all the users to access your Youtack and it only counts as one account in the license. However, it grants access to anonymous users, i.e., the users access your Youtack without logging in

Moreover, we have plans to revamp the helpdesk feature and introduce multiple various features (like a reporter account), but there's no ETA as to when this is going to take place. I may also suggest following our blog where we post all the major Youtrack updates so that you won't miss it.

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