Can we have different default issue type for some cases?

The case is simple, when we create an issue in the project issues list we want it to be Bug by default. But when we create an issue in a specific board we want it to be Task by default or Support Ticket.



Yes, it is possible to configure such behaviour. In Projects > project name > Fields > Type, you need to select Bug as a default value for that field. And in the Agile boards > board name > Board settings > Card > Default value for Type, select Task (or Support ticket).


Unfortunately, I don't see the Default value for Type option.




I have already answered you in the support request, but I want to duplicate my answer here in case other YouTrack users will have the same question.

The Default value for type options is only visible when swimlanes are enabled and identified by Issue.

So it is possible to either change the board settings, or you may write a workflow that will change the issue's type when it is created on the mentioned board.

I have also created a feature request about showing the mentioned option when other swimlane settings are selected.


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