Can YouTrack support a workflow per version?

Can YouTrack support a separate workflow for each Fix Version?  For example, on a bug report I want the fix to be checked into version 1 (field version) and 2 (in release process) plus the "main" branch.  Can I cycle the issue/bug report through separate workflows for each version that needs to be fixed?  This allows tracking the fix across the many active versions.

  Version 1 - Open

  Version 2 - Fixed

  Version main - In Progress

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Sure, you may write separate workflows and specify different Fix Versions in the guard section of each workflow. Or it is possible to write a single workflow and specify multiple conditions in its body, e.g., if (ctx.issue.fields.FixVersions == "Version 1"), so different State field values are assigned to the issue depending on the Fix Versions.


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