Synchronising Workflows with a VCS Repo

Is it possible to synchronise a YT-Instance with all its workflow scripts with a VCS?
As we work with clion and managing our workflow development with a VCS its kind of a struggle to have the repo, the production YT-instance and the testing/development YT-instance in sync.
Is there a recommended way of doing this? e.g. downloading and uploading all Workfows at once or making a git diff with the YT-instance and a repo in anyway?



I'm Sergey from the YouTrack team.

There's no built-in solution to sync everything automatically. Yet, one can write a custom script based on the youtrack-scripting utilities. For example, you can get a list of available commands via 'npm run list-prod' and write a custom solution that would run the commands in the required order to keep everything in sync.


Hi Sergey,

Thanks for the answer. I wrote such a script, still i was wondering if there is already a solution. I think it might be a great feature for the future due most bigger YT Instances might want to manage there Workflows with a VCS.


I see, thanks for your suggestion. For now, there are no plans to implement such a feature, yet it might change in the future, of course. 


Bump. Any plans to implement this feature?

For now, even if use a script to make zips from the workflows stored in git, the bottleneck is the upload/import of workflows to youtrack - it is only possible to upload them one by one.


fiend, you can upload all workflows at once via scripting API using node.js.


Nothing new here, I'm afraid. And as Viacheslav Bachynskyi correctly noticed, one can upload workflows using node.js as it's also covered in the previously linked doc.

npm run --silent list-devwf | sort | grep -v jetbrains | xargs -n1 npm run download-devwf

This is how I download all workflows except for jetbrains.

Upload similarly:

npm run --silent list-devwf | sort | grep -v jetbrains | xargs -n1 npm run upload-devwf

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