Official comment

Thanks a lot for letting us know.

We have removed the message and blocked the user account that has posted it.

Hi! Sorry for posting in an existing case but the problem is the same. Someone named Tom Christiaens keep spamming the same message in https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/PY-28549 and there's no functionality to block or report him. It's sad the only way to avoid notifications is to stop watching the issue.


HI Leon,

It's not Tom who has posted these messages. Well, not intentionally. It's just an autoreply he has set in the mailbox, where YouTrack notifications arrive. YouTrack is capable of turning your email responses into comments, hence the issue. Usually, YouTrack can recognize and ignore OOO emails as they have a specific set of headers and attributes. This time not so much.


One way or another, we have resolved the issue manually. I hope that unwanted emails won't bother you any longer.



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