Assignee History report with timestamp, state, and assignee name.

Hi Team

Similar kind of requirement i have, let's say i have assigned one issue to A and than A has changed the assignee to B, the defect was in B's tray for 5 days, and again it was assigned to A for fixing. Is there any way to track this in report format with the timestamp, state and assignee name? i don't know coding need your help urgently as i need to publish report to management


Hello Mohit,

You can use a Timesheet report. It allows you to display the type of works each user performed and which type of works were performed in the particular issues. If your assignees fill the time tracking related data, you could see it in this report. 


Hey Elena, but my team members doesnt update timesheet. than any other solution??



Unfortunately, it looks like there is no built-in reports that could display the issue history. 


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