Project keys remain after project has been deleted.

I was putting together a project to demonstrate Gantt Charts. Along the way I hit a snag, so I deleted the project. I then created a new project using the original name, but it wouldn't let me add the Issue Tracker service, telling me:

"Project is not unique. An entity with the same properties already exists. Edit one or more properties and try again."

I found that by changing the key, I could create a new project. However, the old key persists: when I create a new Issue and open the dropdown to assign the project, I can see the original key from the deleted project and the new key from the current project. This is not desirable, as people may choose the redundant key.

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I'm Sergey from the YouTrack team. 

It appears as though the project was not removed fully for some reason. As the first step, let's sync data between YouTrack and a service (Hub) where projects are stores. Please proceed to the following page `yourYoutrackURL/admin/ring`. On this page, click the buttons Sync, Export, Invalidate caches, and then Run diagnostics. Then apply quick fixes if there are any.

Then check if the removed project re-appeared in the projects list and remove it fully, or if the reported issue persists. 

If any questions appear, let me know. 


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