Multiple values in the author field to get IssueWorkItems.

To get IssueWorkItems I use this endpoint. The documentation says that I can specify multiple values for the author field, but when I try to do so, I get the following error: User with id user_login_1, user_login_2 not found. For the author field, I pass user login data separated by commas, for example: 'user_login_1, user_login_2'. If you pass user logins one at a time and make a request for each user, everything will work without errors.

Main question: how can I get IssueWorkItems for multiple authors?

Sincerely, I will be glad for any help.

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I'm Sergey from the YouTrack team.

The documentation says that I can specify multiple values for the author field

Sorry, the description is really confusing there, so it doesn't really say that you can specify multiple values there. It should be read something like that: 'A parameter to filter work items by the author. You can specify either a YouTrack user ID, Hub user ID, or 'me' for a user whose token is used to make the request.' We'll update the documentation and provide better wording is the scope of this task.

Main question: how can I get IssueWorkItems for multiple authors?

You either need to make a request and retrieve work items for all the authors and then filter them our or make multiple requests specifying a single author for each. 

If any questions appear, please let me know. 

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