How to turn off image thumbnails for comments wtih inline images?


Is there any way to stop showing thumbnails under each comment with inline image.


Official comment


I'm Sergey from the YouTrack team. 

It's not possible to disable thumbnails, I'm afraid. In the comment/issue body, you just reference an attached file. Removing the thumbnail and hence the file will remove the image from the body as well. 

Hi Sergei.

Thank you for the clear answer.
Is possible to create a feature request to hide these thumbnails or make it much smaller or move them to the right from the message?

I these thumbnails waste a lot of screens space by their selves, leave empty spaces to the right and have no sense in case of inline image.


Hi! You are always welcome to submit a feature request at our public issue tracker here.





I'm in favour of this feature request. In a small comment with image it makes no sense to have a thumbnail, so it would be cool if we could remove it.


Those interested in this type of feature/change, please feel free to vote for and comment in the related public issue:


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