Difficulty setting a custom feild

The API documentation is great - however I am having an issue implementing a like example and could use some guidance.  Item 4. at https://www.jetbrains.com/help/youtrack/devportal/api-howto-create-issue-with-fields.html#step-by-step details how to create an issue and set a custom field such as "assignee" .  I can get the example to work as documented when assigning issues to myself, however the server returns a 400 with the error - "b'{"error":"","error_description":"Value is not allowed","error_developer_message":"Value is not allowed","error_field":"value"}'" - when any other team member's login is used (I can get a 200 back using my login in).
The relevant portion of the payload contents is

{'name': 'Assignee', '$type': 'SingleUserIssueCustomField',
'value': {'login': 'dewayne.dahse'}},

The custom field structure is

All help would be appreciated





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Hi Robert!

Are you able to assign issues in this project to other users via the UI? Are these other users added to the list of Assignees in this project? If they are not on the list of values of the Assignee custom field, it could be the reason for this issue.

Excellent questions - pointing to the root of the problem.  I did not completely think though it... -Resolved!

Thank you!!


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