youtrack jenkins integration leave comment


I'm trying to leave comment in Youtrack integration with Jenkins.

There's an option "Update selected issues" -> "Apply a command" 

I'm trying to use something like this (for example): 

comment "Done"

But is doesn't work 



I'm Sergey from the YouTrack team. 

The comment can't be posted via the 'Apply command' setting since there's no text area for the comment itself there. I've submitted an issue in our public tracker so that we'd remove the comment suggestion from the command setting. 

To post a comment, you can create a simple workflow rule. For example, when a build integration updates a field value, you can post a comment. You can also add a tag via a command setting and trigger a workflow rule when this tag is added. The way it's implemented is totally up to you.


Ok. I got it. Thank you. 


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