Time tracking reminder

Hey guys, 

I'm really sorry I don't had much time to get into the flowbuilder. 
But we need a reminder, which checks if specific user tracked all times. 
For example. 

I've a 40h week. 
It's Wednesday 10am and I've not tracked my times on Monday. 
So I want to get a reminder e-mail. 

Is there a possibility to create such a flow? 



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Thank you for contacting the YouTrack community forums. Sure, this is totally possible. There is a workflows feature in YouTrack - generally, scripts written in JavaScript that extend YouTrack functionality. You can create an on-schedule workflow rule that will run weekly or daily and check how much time you've logged so far. If the logged amount is less than needed, the rule will send an email notification. Please find similar examples that deal with time tracking here.

Hope it helps!

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thank you very much, this is what I was searching for. 
Don't know how i couldn't find it. 

This will help a lot. 

Thank you very much! 

Have a nice weekend! :) 


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