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as mentioned on another post, we are planning to migrate away from JIRA due to the changed licensing.

The current JIRA->YouTrack migration does not cover the whole SCRUM part of JIRA.

Current recommendation given to me by the presales support was to use the REST api after the migration, but while that might allow me to create sprints and assign user stories to these sprints after the intial migration, this leaves me with a broken issue history: The changes and assignments to historic sprints would not carry the correct timestamps, which is of course critical for an ungoing project.

So, this would push me more into using the import API (as that allows access to the history) or maybe mixing the two API's. No idea if that is possible, but I thought about having a look into the JIRA import code and maybe customizing that, but that does not seem possible, either. I can only start with a blank, new migration, from the looks of it, right?

It seems as if I am hitting a big, solid brick wall here...

Has anybody done something like that in the past and has anybody reached some satisfying result?

TIA, Andre

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I'm Sergey from the YouTrack team.

I'm afraid it won't be possible to import boards and sprints' history, even theoretically. Import scripts do let you process history, but it won't let you do it for entities that it doesn't import (boards and sprints).

The only thing is that you can link sprints to a custom field, then you can import sprints' history as field history in YouTrack. However, I should note that it, of course, has not been tested. 

JIRA import code and maybe customizing that, but that does not seem possible,

You are able to customize any predefined import scripts:


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