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Gday everyone,

We would like to know if it's possible to assign a project - custom field populating the ldap users. So eg when an Issue is created by assigne can also select the EndUserReported as refference by click on the field and populate all users from LDAP Query or Group. WE already using LDAP as Authentication and some users are already assigned for Logins, but I cannot find a way to create a custom field assigned to project with values (usernames) fetched from LDAP Query. 

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Thank you for contacting YouTrack community forums. If I got you right, you'd like to have a custom field where values are a set of users that are automatically (dynamically?) fetched from your LDAP.
Am I right that all users log in to YouTrack using their LDAP credentials? If so, you have the desired set of users in YouTrack already. All you need to do is to create a field with this set of users. I'd suggest the following flow:
1. Create a group of users that includes all users from LDAP. If all users on your instance were imported from LDAP, then you can use the default Registered Users group
2. Create a new custom field with the type `user`
3. Create a new set of values for that field and add the group from p.1 there
4. Add this field to the desired project

After that, all issues from that project will have a field with a dropdown where values would represent the members of the group you created.
Will it work for you?


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