How to add code commits in issues?


We have just started using YouTrack, and we are have been using Github.
Our developers are missing the possibility to add code commits to every issues as they work on them, as they have done in Github.

How can they do this in YouTrack - or is it not possible?

- Thanks

Anastasia Bartasheva
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Thank you for contacting the YouTrack community forums. You can configure integration with GitHub. With this integration, when you mention issue id in a commit message, YouTrack automatically links the commit to the corresponding issue. You will be able to navigate to the commit page right from the respective issue page.
Feel free to read more about the integration here:
Please let me know if you have any further questions.
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Hi Anastasia
Thank you, the developers got it to work and we have been able to see the Github commits for a while now as wanted.


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