How would I keep track of an issue even if project and name get modified.

I am trying to come up with different solutions on how to keep track of a issue, even when it goes through name, project, and any other changes. I know an issue has a id and a id-readable, but these both get changed when the name or project is updated. Is there any uuid that I am just not taking into account that I can store for an issue that will never change no matter how the issue is altered.

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Hi Randy!

As you correctly noted, issues in YouTrack possess the id and idReadable attributes, the former being the database ID (e.g., 2-126) and the latter being the ID that you can see in YouTrack (e.g., PROJECT-8).

id is used in YouTrack API, and its value will not change regardless of the issue or project updates. In contrast, idReadable will update if the project or the project name gets changed.

With that said, any idReadable that the issue has ever had will be stored in its history and will continue to be available for use in search or API requests—meaning that you shouldn’t worry about not being able to find that issue using its original id or idReadable after any updates take place. Moreover, links to the original issue names will remain valid as redirects to new links.

To make things easier, you could also create a workflow to store the original id or idReadable as a value in a custom field once the issue is created. You could even store all such values if you make it a multi-value enumerated field or by adding each new value to the string, provided you also modify your workflow accordingly.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to let us know, and we will be happy to help you more.

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