Limiting tag query to Unresolved items only.

I'm trying to retrieve all issues that have a tag and are unresolved.  My  query is:,idReadable&$top=5000

  • where "myserver" is replaced with my actual server
  • "6-340" is the id for the tag I'm interested in
  • I had to add "&$top=5000" because I wasn't getting all of the relevant issues.  How can I not need this?

It appears that the query part is simply ignored.  I can put anything there instead of "-Resolved" and it will still retrieve all issues that have tag id 6-340 attached to them. 

How can I limit this query to only unresolved issues?




If you want to receive all issues that have a certain tag and are unresolved, you should rather request the list of issues instead.

You can go with the following request (replace tag-name with the name of your tag):,idReadable

I hope this helps!


That makes a lot of sense!  I'll try it.




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