Error code 0xC000001D

I am using python 3.8 in my window 8 32 bit In pycharm . I am running a python file with pyttsx3 ,speech recognition, and some other modules but when I installed opencv-python with my cmd . It installed successfully. But in file when I code it it showing me an error that is error code -1073741795 (0xC000001D) After Removing opencv (cv2) from file ,python , desktop it doesn't resolved. Even I reinstalled pycharm and python also But it doesn't work It shows the same error (-1073741795) Please help . very important for me.
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To start with, please try to run the code outside PyCharm with the same environment. To do so, please follow this article.

If the problem is not reproducible outside PyCharm, please try File | Invalidate Caches with all options toggled. Another thing that might be useful is to try resetting IDE:

1. First option is File | Manage IDE settings | Restore Default Settings.

2. If nothing of the above resolved the issue, we can try to reset IDE settings by renaming config and system folders:

Please navigate to config dir and system dir and rename the folders for PyCharm.

Please note that for renaming to take effect, you should either add a prefix to the folder's name (for example: from PyCharm2022.3 to Old_PyCharm2022.3) or rename the folder completely since PyCharm will be looking for previously installed versions to inherit settings. If there is more than one PyCharm folder, it should be removed or renamed. A screen inviting you to specify the config folder is a good sign that IDE is reset correctly. You can just skip this window and continue as usual.


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