Youtrack-settings when listen-port of Hub has changed



here in our company we plan to change the listen port of Hub from 8082 to another port. I did in in hub and everything works with it.

The pnly problem now is Youtrack. I cannot start it bebause it can't reach this external Hub URL (of course because if the new port).

So my question: Where can i set the new URL uf the external hub? Everything remains like before, only the port has changed.


Thanks in advance and Best regards

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Hello Thomas, please proceed as follows:

1) stop YouTrack ./bin/ stop
2) reconfigure the Hub URL ./bin/ configure --hub-url=<>
3) start YouTrack ./bin/ start

Please make sure that the Hub URL has /hub at the end.

Important note: if you use an MSI distribution, you need to do all that from the admin account.


Let me know if I can answer any further questions, thank you!

Hi Liubov,


yeah, you saved my day! :D 

It works perfect, my Hub now runs on the new port.


Thank you very much for your support and a Happy New Year!

Best regards



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