Adding custom field in youtrack next to the comment tab


Is it posible to add a custom field to youtrack issues next to the comment tab on the bottom?

We use youtrack 6.5 for now but if it is needed we can update to 7.0.

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Hi, thank you for the question. Could you please elaborate a bit, how do you imagine this exactly? I'm not sure I got the idea. Could you probably show this on a screenshot? Thank you!

Where the arrow is there are the comment fields and so on. I want to have an extra field next to that. I need a lot of text for that field so on the right isn't an option.



Our company is looking to what sounds like the same thing.  We want to be able to add tabs(beside the comments tab) with custom fields for things such as: reproduce steps, testing steps, etc.  


That is exactly the same we need. Is this posible or is there any planning to make this?


Hello all, I'm sorry for the delay. Unfortunately we don't have that in plans for this feature at the moment.

Please feel free to file a feature request into our tracker:

Thank you!


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