Scheduled rule not changing issue states after issue has been resolved

I have this scheduled rule to clean up my agile board.  But the issues are still in the "Deployed" column, even if the issue is fixed more than 2 weeks ago.

What am I doing wrong? How can I troubleshoot this?


schedule rule move deployed to closed after a week
daily at 05:00 [issue.State == {Deployed} && issue.resolved < now - 7 days] {
   issue.State = {Closed};}
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Official comment

Hello Damiaan, sorry for the delay.

I've created a task in our system to investigate this case further, please vote/comment on it to receive notifications on the updates:

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Hello, Damiaan.

Could you please attach screenshot of your Project's workflows configuration with this particular workflow expanded and also screenshot of an issue, that you believe should have been processed by this workflow?


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