Can't get importing TFS work items to work

My company is looking for a tool to integrate our support process. At this moment we have a shared support mailbox, and TFS for version control and work items tracking using scrum template. What we are missing here is link between the shared mailbox and TFS. If i've understood correctly, YouTrack can work as an issue tracker (pulling incoming questions from our mailbox), and then we would optionally like to promote some items to a work item in TFS. So to test this I've installed TeamCity (because YouTrack doesn't have direct TFS integration) and configured a build. Then I installed YouTrack and configured TeamCity integration, but the existing TFS work items are not imported. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to configure something else?

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Hello David, sorry for the delay.

Our TeamCity integration actually works only as a VCS integration, work items are not imported within this integration. We don't have a direct import from TFS to YouTrack, but if you can export work items from TFS into a CSV file, then you can import these items as issues into YouTrack using Python Client Library:

Please let me know if I can answer any further questions.

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