How to reduce the RAM use..?


Hi, I just installed youtrack today in a dedicated AWS-EC2 T2.Small (2Gb of RAM), YT is the only app in that server, and we are olny 3 users..

YT run just fine, but I tried to make a yum update and it gave me an error: [Errno 5] [Errno 12] Cannot allocate memory, so I run a "free -m" and it said: 

KiB Mem : 1882304 total, 1500404 used,  so, YT its taking UP 1,5GB just with 3 users and 20 issues..

Is there something wrong? any config that need to be done? or any way to limit the ammount of RAM ?


Thanks a lot for any help with this issue..

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Hello Javienu, thank you for reaching out and sorry for the delay.

Could you please tell, which distribution (probably ZIP?) are you using and which build number?

If you use our recommended default start parameters (-XX:MaxMetaspaceSize=250m -Xmx1024m), it means that YouTrack takes minimum 1.25 GB of your space. It is impossible to use YouTrack properly using less than 1.25 GB, unfortunately. Also note that our code cache can take up to 150 MB, so YouTrack can use up to 1.4 GB even with a very small database.

You can check how much memory YouTrack uses by performing `top` command and finding there `java` process (`free -m` shows all memory used by the system, including memory used by the OC core)


Hi, thanks for your answer, in version.txt said: 1.1.236, and yes, top shows that java is taking up 1.5GB.. :(
So, there is nothing I can do.. beside upgrading the server? 


Hello Javienu, no, I'm afraid upgrade is your only option.

Please let me know if I can help you any further, thank you.


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