Can't send a notification to everyone in the group from my Workflow

I am trying to create a workflow for my project in Youtrack that will notify all members of a UserGroup when the state is set to an appropriate value - for example notify all members of the QA group when a task is set to Ready For QA.

Here is the code I have, taken from a larger state machine workflow:

on Approve do {
    {group: Quality Assurance}.notifyAllUsers("Task Ready for QA", "A task has been marked as Ready For QA: " + getId());
    Alpha Tested By = loggedInUser;
} transit to Ready For QA

Setting the Alpha Tested By values works, everything else works but the group notify. In the editor, the group notify line is highlighted in red, but there is no information about what the problem is. The group name is correct. I copied the syntax directly from the documentation here:

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Official comment

Hello! Thank you very much for reaching out and sorry for the delay.
It's not clear yet what is wrong with this code, we need to investigate this case a little bit further. I've created a task for investigation: Please subscribe to it to be notified of the updates. It is possible that we will ask you for some additional details later. Thank you for understanding.

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Hello, could you please tell me the name of your InCloud instance? We will check the logs. Thank you!


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