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Greetings all,

We noticed an issue which we suspect may be related to work items. Our team has set up a burn down chart for the current version of our software. The burndown chart period starts at the beginning of the year. We tried changing the start date to a couple of months ago as management wanted to get an idea of where effort stands now and how much effort remains to complete all tasks associated with this version. On changing the start day- the estimated time to completion went up. 

What we are wondering is, how exactly is the burndown chart computed. My guess is that work items from before the new start time are not being seen, hence the increased time to completion. Is there a way to ignore tasks that have already been completed or mark certain states as being completed states (aside from configuring those states as "Resolved")?

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Hello Ryan, I'm sorry but I'm not sure that I got your question. Could you please provide more details, probably steps to reproduce the issue? Also please attach screenshots with the settings of your burndown + probably other screenshots illustrating the issue.

Thank you very much.

A couple of notes:

1) You can filter the tasks in the query in the burndown settings, for example: -Resolved

2) Some tasks could become resolved during these additional couple of months, then their work items between the start of the burndown and the resolution will be counted in the chart.

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