Users missing in dropdown Assignee


I installed the latest version of Hub, Upsources and YouTrack.

Then I created 2 new users via Hub. All 2 users are in all roles (Global).

Then I created new project via Hub and configured Upsources and YouTrack services.

All works good.

When I try create new issue via YouTrack I don’t see these new users in dropdown Assignee.

In this dropdown I have only 2 options unassigned and admin.

Where can be problem?

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Hello Jan, in order to make your new users appear in the Assignee dropdown, you need to check the following:

1) Check that you have included these users in the Assignee list (Edit Project in YouTrack > open Fields tab > click Assignee field > check that your users are in the list, either as separate users or within some user group)

2) If you have included the project team group into the list of the Assignees (in the Assignee field), check that your users are members of the project team user group.

3) Check that your users have YouTrack license granted to them (Hub > Services > YouTrack > License tab)

Please check all that and get back to me if you still can't locate the problem. Please attach screenshots from the steps above. Thank you!


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@Liubov Dievskaia :  thank you, advice no. 2 works, this issue is fixed


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