How to set the order of swimlanes across multiple sprints?

  1. We use YouTrack 6
  2. We use "assignee" field to identify swimlane
  3. We can re-order the swimlanes inside a specifc sprint by drag and drop
  4. BUT there seems to be a default ordering for new sprints we create and can't find a way to override.

I don't want to be updating the ordering of every single new sprint we create.

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Hello Dio, I'm sorry for the delay.

Could you please tell, are you the owner of the board when you are reordering your swimlanes?

Also please let me know the exact build number that you're using. Thank you.


We are using:

  • Build 17105 19-May-2016 22:23

How can I see/edit the "owner of the board"? Is this the "Project lead"?



Hi Dio, you can check it in the lower left corner of the board.

Please check if you're the owner and let me know. Thank you.



Here's a screenshot of "lower left corner of the board":

Where can I find the "owner of the board"? It only mentioned the build # which I've shared already in my previous message.




Hi Dio, in your version of YouTrack there was an issue with new sprints creation which influenced the swimlanes order: Please tell, how do you create your new sprints, do you use the 'Move unresolved issues' checkbox?

Anyway, the order of swimlanes in the new version 7.0 is set in the settings, so that issues is no longer relevant in the current 7.0 version. Please tell, is upgrade an option for you?

Thank you!


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