Agile board keeps loading...


I just created a new Board but are not able to access it. It just keeps loading. I'm administrator so I don't think there's any permission problems. Any ideas?


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Hello, I'm very sorry for the delay.

Please tell, which YouTrack are you using, is it a standalone or an InCloud instance? If it's InCloud, please let me know the name of the instance. If it's standalone, please tell me which exact build number you're using. Thank you very much.

Could you please also check the browser console, are there any errors? If there are any, please attach a screenshot.

Also please add this to your board URL:


Are you able to access the board settings after that? Could you please also attach a screenshot of the board settings? Thank you.

If you're not comfortable with sharing these details here, you can submit a support request and share those there.

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