Count number of checked items in enum

I have an enum field in one of our projects. The values in the enum are leads, so that we can record which of our clients is associated with a specific feature request. This enum can have multiple items checked, as multiple leads can request the same feature in our software.

Now I would like to determine which feature is requested by how many clients. How can I create a report that will generate that information?

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Hello Oliver,

unfortunately the report that you're looking for is not yet possible in YouTrack. The main thing why it's impossible is that our reports can't display issues list in the Y axis. You can use our plain issues list for displaying issues sorted by some field value.
However, another problem is that you can't just search for the number of different values your issues have in some field. This is a valid feature request, and I've already created it in our tracker: Please feel free to vote/comment on it to be notified of the updates.
In the meantime the best way to proceed would be the following:
1) Create some additional custom field of type integer for aggregating the number of values in your enum field.
2) Update this field either manually or via a workflow
3) In the issue list you can search for issues that belong to your project and are feature requests (for example, like this: Type: Feature project: Project_ID) and sort them by your additional integer field like this: sort by: int_field

Please let me know if I can help you any further, thank you!

Excellent. Thank you very much :)


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