Burndown report based on custom Resolved state


As I can see, burndown chart considers the issue fix when the state is changed to Done. Is it possible to get burndown chart on another State value that is marked as Resolved as well? The estimation is based on story points.

Currently workflow has a state 'Fixed' from development point of view, and the state Done used as "Closed", meaning that the fix was delivered to the customer. This setup was working in JIRA though.


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To be precise, the burndown chart is based on events of issue becoming resolved. An issue becomes resolved (you can see that its id and summary are gray and stroked out) when it enters one of States, which are marked as Resolved (or, if a project has several fields of type State, issue is resolved when values in all these fields are Resolved). Thus, if you change your 'Done' value property 'Resolved' to false (uncheck it in 'Done' value edit dialog), then burndown will go down only when you change an issue's State to another Resolved one.


In the current state flow that we introduced a couple of years ago, we are relying on different states than the usual flow, we introduced a "ready"  state that is not marked as resolved but is considered as DONE for the development.

Is there a way to use "open" states instead of "resolved" states in the burndown graph? I was thinking of a list of states



Hello, could you please clarify your question a bit? You can use states that are not marked as resolved in your burndown charts right now, but only resolved states lead to the chart going down.


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