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We have a project in YouTrack that has an id of '0' which we can't delete or alter in any way. It looks like a real-named project that we would have setup, but it's not something we use and would like to get rid of it to remove clutter. I'm assuming this was one of the earliest projects we created. No clue how it got into this state. There are no issues associated with it.

We use a separate Hub which does *not* list this project. If I go to Custom Field Settings within YouTrack, the project is listed. If I try to click into it, the link it tries to bring me to is:
Which comes up with a "404: Nope, can't find it!"

How do I get rid of this derelict project?

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It is most likely that you have removed this project in Hub at some point. For the case of separate Hub this operation doesn't remove a YouTrack resource, but moves it under Global project instead. To remove this resource properly you should do the following:

1. Create a new dummy project in Hub.

2. Move that resource from Global project to the created one.

3. From new project page navigate to YouTrack project settings (of this moved resource) and remove that project in YouTrack.

4. Remove your dummy project from Hub.

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A bit convoluted. I would have never figured that out. But it works!

Thanks for the help.


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