Youtrack REST Entitys


Hello Youtrack Team,

After Updateing our Youtrack from Version 6 to 7 we found out that a lot of things changed in your REST API.

Especially when you want to get all your Sprints from Agile Boards you need a bunch of new Entitys and Program Code.

Is there a chance that u provide Java JAXB Entitys that developers that programming 3rd party Tools (like we do) don't have to look through all the entities and services classes at each release?

Would help a lot, also now i would need to recreated and modify entities. Wich could be provided i think

Thanks a lot!


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We didn't plan to provide Java JAXB Entities, but your question made us to think about it. We will discuss this question internally.

Hello Mariya, 

Do you have further information for me already :) 



Hello Peter,

Unfortunately we're not going to provide anything like that right now.

The whole thing is under consideration though and will probably make it into our development backlog. Still we can't provide you with any hard estimates at that point. 


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