How to Install YouTrack REST API

I just want to migrate my issues from the cloud version of YouTrack to an installed version, as I discovered there is no privacy on the free 10-user cloud version.

This seems to require python, which I installed, and the YouTrack python rest library.

The instructions for the library simply say to unzip it and then install python, which is very misleading, since the main migration page said to download and install python first.

What is the proper, detailed procedure to install the REST library?  Path?  Commands?

I don't know Python and don't want to learn its entire eco system to move the issues.

Thanks for your help.


Official comment

Hi Scott, if you want to migrate all your database from Cloud to a standalone solution, why don't you just simply export your database from cloud and then start a new standalone instance with that backup?

I didn't want to do that, because the instructions implied I would lose all the configuration I had already done during testing for authentication, email integration and so on.  

Nonetheless I tried it after taking screenshots of the existing config, and am getting the error message:  Existing product version (2017.1.31214) is later than the version of the product being installed (2017.1.30973)



Hello Scott, this error occurred because we have upgraded our cloud version but didn't release a standalone build yet, we plan to make standalone build available later today, please watch the announces. So at the moment cloud build is fresher than available standalone builds. Please wait a bit, take the latest build and try again.
If you have any particular questions regarding our Python script migration procedure, please let us know, we'll be happy to help.


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