How to migrate from youtrack + external hub to youtrack + internal hub?


Hi all! There are guides how to switch to external hub, but no information how switch back to internal hub. 

Do you have instractions about this process without lost any data?


p.s. Sorry for english :)

Official comment

Hi Franz, after you migrate your YouTrack data from built-in Hub to an external Hub service, you can only rollback to the in-application user management by restoring your data from the pre-migration backup. This means that any changes that were made in the external Hub service are lost.

Here is the guide:


How should we be if we still need to save youtrack data? Maybe Mysql export or transfer data manually?


I'm very sorry for the delay.

As an option you can make a backup of your current YT installation, run two YT instances at the same time (first on an old pre-external-Hub database, second on your current YT database), and then use our import scripts to import data from the second instance to the first.


As another option you can export your issues to a CSV file and then import them from this CSV file:


I hope this was helpful. Please let me know if you have any further questions.


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