Define #resolved, redfine resolved tag

When creating a new sprint in agile board, I am prompted with the option to lift in #unresolved issues to the new sprint. But this does not fit with out state maschine, since I only want to lift in issues with state "In progress" and "Ready for development".

Are there any way of changing the difinition of #unresolved, since that is what filters on candidates to lift into the new sprint?

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Hi Magnus, please check the settings of your state custom field. Some state values have 'Resolved' flag near them. You can edit your state values and check/uncheck the 'Resolved' checkbox according to your needs.

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Another question ragrding the backlog: Are there any way in the backlog to force an issue to "move to top"? If we have 150+ entries in the backlog, it would be nice to quickly force some of the to the top without drag an drop

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Not quite the automagic answer you want, but we solve this problem with a simple query + bulk action.

Search pseudo: "Sprint: <current sprint> and State: {In Progress}, {Team Backlog}"
Command: "add Sprint <next sprint>"

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@Magnus - For this, we use a tag "candidate", and sort the backlog by that tag, so all the "candidate" tagged cards bubble to the top.

We then have a workflow to remove "candidate" when the sprint field changes from Unscheduled.

We mark candidates in backlog grooming sessions.


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